In Defense of Mindless Government Drones – Hit & Run

When the online response to this weekend’s screening faux pas
grew to a howl, the TSA issued the same
it’s issued dozens of times since its founding: “We
have reviewed the circumstances involving this screening and
determined that our officers acted professionally and according to
proper procedure.”

Again, it’s not about some vast government power grab. It’s about what *always* happens when you give thousands of people a secure government job, a little training, almost total authority, a mandate to protect but not to serve, and assurance that you’ll back them up even when they misbehave.

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  1. Jeremy Weiland June 27, 2011 at 19:16

    Again, it’s not about some vast government power grab.I appreciate the distinction you’re trying to make between fascist overrun and bureaucratic creep.But really the only difference is the time scale being applied. The past ten years don’t seem to justify the qualifier “vast” to you? What about the last 25? 50? 100? At some point, the accumulation of small power grabs ends up being vast, especially when compared to the decreasing authority and autonomy of citizens.

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