Protect yourself. Use good password discipline.

Just a PSA, because apparently some people STILL haven’t received
and/or acted on this memo: NEVER, EVER use the same password for
different online services, ESPECIALLY services like E-mail that
contain private information about you. Use separate passwords for
email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Preferably long, random passwords with
letters, numbers, and symbols.

Protect yourselves, people. Most “hacks” originate with lousy password
discipline. It’s not hard, either; tools like 1Password or LastPass
make it brain-dead simple to do.

This was prompted by a Facebook conversation in which someone thought
that they had done all they could by changing their shared passwords
AFTER a security breach. You’ve got to preempt this stuff. Don’t let
the breach be your wake-up call.

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  1. Jochen Kachelin July 11, 2011 at 05:43

    I highly recommend to use 1Password on a MAC – can’t live without it anymore. It’s easy to use and dead simple.

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