Oh my love it’s time

In that place we were long lost and newly found. In that light we shifted out of time and we stood amazed. Our eyes blue sky wide. Our fingertips outstretched. Our knees touched and in between a world was born.

I come to you now from without and before and everafter. Our story tells me and I am born again. I am the lost letter, I am the constant thread thinner than light. Stronger than stars. I will lie forever in abasement but I will not be denied.

In that time we were perfect. I sing that age to life. I conjure your name and raise my hands as herald. I am the note on your window. I am the knowing smile. I am the living witness.  I am patient.

From between dream and waking, at the edge of sight, I whisper to you. From beyond the garden gate, I invoke you. Rising from the earth where you dance: I will remind you. From the space between beats: I will remind you. In that place your train filled halls and the moon was your crown. Your touch healed the heartsick. Your countenance recalled those lost. From the mirror I will call you to yourself. You will see. You will remember. And you will bid the one you find there: awake.

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