Please Help My Friend Tom Find a Job


This is Tom. He is one of my most trusted friends.

He is, in the words of his LinkedIn profile, a: “Writer, Public Speaker, and Educator in the fields of Conservation, Environment, and Sustainable Agriculture”. Those aren’t empty words; he has the background, cred and the experience to back them up. But he is more than that.

Apart from being “helpful, friendly, courteous, kind…”–in fact, a living embodiment of the entire Boy Scout law—Tom is what I can best describe as an archetypal Wise Man. He’s the sort of guy you instinctively go to if you have one of those Big Philosophical Questions. An Obi-Wan Kenobi, if you will.

He’s also a terrific writer. He’s right at the top of my “people I know who I wish would write a book already” list.

This year Tom set out to further his already extensive studies, an endeavor which involved moving from his native Maryland to New Hampshire. Unfortunately, after lining up a buyer for his condo, quitting his job, and moving his possessions to New Hampshire, Tom ran into a snag. After months of foot-dragging, the buyer for his house failed to close on the deal. Now Tom is at the end of his savings, and facing the prospect of moving all of his belongings back to Maryland and trying to pick up where he left off, sans safety net.

Tom needs a job, and he needs it pronto. I asked Tom what his ideal job would be, and he said:

My ideal job would probably involve writing for an environmental publication or organization – whether for print, content for the web, or a combination thereof. Right after that would be some sort of environmental/sustainable education position.

I’m guessing somebody in my extended circles knows of the perfect opening for someone with his considerable skills and background. Please check out his profile, and contact him if you think you have a lead. And please re-share this with your friends! Thanks!

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  1. I’m unwilling to pay LinkedIn $$$ to send Tom a message, but the NRDC may be a good place to check out:

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