It’s 2015 and I’m 34 and I know less now than I ever have before. I used to know so much about software and human behavior and morality and relationships and public policy and man’s place in the universe and all kinds of things. Inexorably, every year, the realm of things of things I know about shrinks smaller and smaller.

And I guess I’m supposed to draw this into some rousing, TED-style conclusion about wonder and the joy of ambiguity. But honestly I just feel kind of tired and dis-empowered. Because I don’t know, anymore, what I can do that will help things. I don’t know if my advice is good, so I don’t feel so much like giving it. I don’t know where to apply myself such that it will make a meaningful difference without accidentally hurting someone.

The more I learn the less I know, and the more I feel lost and small and irrelevant.

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