In the name of love




Yesterday saw one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in US history.

I don’t usually like to write when I have nothing to add; but I feel the need to acknowledge this event. I mourn for victims. I mourn for the survivors. I mourn for the children who watched grown-ups killed. I mourn for the many, many people in America today for whom this horrible event has reinforced the feeling that nowhere they can go is safe.


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  1. I’m so sad and angry today…

  2. We need to acknowledge that there truly is ONE MASTER RACE. It is the HUMAN race; of which we are all members.

    We must stop focusing on how we each are different and remember that we are all so very much the same!
    I am angered, annoyed, irritated and mystified by these bizarre views that lead to such serious hatred.

    Hug a black/white/hispanic/asian/blonde/brunette/short/tall/large/small person today {remember they are really just another ‘person’}.

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