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  1. here we have the proud regal Tiamat, surveying her vast mountain kingdom, and the insignificant humans under her paw. behold, my glorious catness. bow before me, lowly worms!

  2. behold, the mighty regal Tiamat, in all her glory, surveying her vast mountain kingdom and the lowly insignificant pawns under her paw. what are you looking at, puny human? bow before my royal catfulness! you may leave my presence now, before you BORE me to death.

    1. Sounds about right.

  3. ps. sorry about that. WP wouldn’t let me post the first reply, so i reposted it (paraphrased), and then it posted both, and i can’t delete.

    1. No worries. My wordpress server is… underpowered, so sometimes it doesn’t respond. I like to think of it as filtering out the less motivated commentators 😉

  4. resistance is futile. we are very motivated. or at least redundant.

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