And now, a conversation with the tree outside my office window

A tree in autumn. Yellow leaves against a clear blue sky.

Pictured: my tormentor.

Pssst! Hey!

Kinda busy.

Whatcha doin’?

Working. Making RubyTapas videos.

That’s cool. I’m just chillin’ out here.

Hey, have you noticed the way the sun shines through my branches and makes my leaves a particularly breathtaking shade of gold today?


Me and my friend the Ron the Maple were just talking about it. You might know him; he’s the one with the achingly beautiful crimson foliage.

Yeah he’s kinda hard to miss.

Whatcha doin’ now?

Still making videos.

Cool, cool. You know, the sky is a particularly soul-cleansing shade of cobalt today. A person could get lost in it.

Do tell.

My leaves look really nice against that backdrop. Ron’s do too. In fact, it’s kind of breathtaking.

Look, do you mind—?

I’m just saying, it’s the sort of sight that can make your eyes widen with unexpected joy, and your heart expand within you like a flower opening to the sun.

I have no doubt. But could we maybe—

Also, have you smelled the air today? Clean, clear and bracing, with just a hint of woodsmoke. A gentle breeze that sets my leaves rustling. The kind of air that makes the mere act of breathing feel like drinking cool water in the desert.

Very poetic. Look, don’t you have something else to do?

Nah man, I’m gonna be here all day. Let me tell you about how supple the earth would feel under your bare feet. You know, if you were to come out here…

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  1. The Norway Maple out front pretty much seconds what the tree out your window says.

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