Unsafe safe space

They have one lone student surrounded. They’re forcibly preventing him from exercising a civil right. At various points, they intimidate him. Ultimately, they physically push him. But all the while, they are operating on the premise, or carrying on the pretense, that he is making them unsafe.

Source: The University of Missouri’s Tim Tai and the Weaponization of Safe Space – The Atlantic

Yeah, that does seem to be a bit much.

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  1. “This behavior is a kind of safe-baiting: using intimidation or initiating physical aggression to violate someone’s rights, then acting like your target is making you unsafe.”

    hmm, somehow brings Zimmerman (the crowd) v. Trayvon Martin (the photographer) to mind. And many similar events that get twisted to support aggression and violence against innocent victims in the name of ‘stand your ground’ or etc. but that’s just me.

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