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  1. That looks like Spring-Beauty, Claytonia spp., but I’m still learning.

    1. Yes! I learned it from my Smokies wildflower handbook. It took me forever to identify it because it was listed under “pink” instead of under “white”.

      1. Yes! If you look at Peterson’s or Newcomb’s, they’ll list flowers like that under both colors, or mention the variations, so you can find them more easily.

        1. I should get myself one of those. The nice thing about the Smoky Mountain guide is that it’s pocket-sized.

          It’s actually part of a whole series of pocket guides published by the Great Smoky Mountains Association and sold in all the park stores. I’m slowly collecting them all!

          1. Depends how big your pockets are! my books are fairly small, but there’s a Peterson’s that’s a smaller, simpler beginner’s size, for schlepping with you, and of course you can get very small pocket-size guides, with just the basics. I have them for Ohio trees. There’s a book I want to get later, for transitioning to TN—“Wildflowers of Tennessee, the Ohio Valley, and the Southern Appalachians”, by Horn and Cathcart.

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