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  1. Wow, what is that? It looks familiar.

    1. I can’t remember, and I’m angry that I can’t remember, and I refuse to look it up because I want to remember it on my own. Dammit.

  2. Well, I ain’t too proud to look it up, but I’m stumped! Could it be in the waterleaf family, either genus Phacelia or Hydrophyllum? I can’t make out the leaves in your photo, and don’t know the environment you found it in. The OCD bot-geek in me won’t let it go!

    1. You nailed it! And reminded me in the process. It’s a Fringed Phacelia. I remembered the “Fringed” part but couldn’t remember “Phacelia”.

      1. Yay! That was synch!

  3. Was it this? My Ohio wildflower group IDed it. Phacelia purshii, Miami Mist. If so, that’s what I guessed.

    1. I checked my book – it’s a Phacelia Fimbriata

      1. Interesting, it must be a more TN area native species; it’s not in my northeastern/central books. I can’t wait to compare natives in the two areas. Also to grow them down there!

  4. /Users/laurenshepard/Desktop/13161895_10206479854574927_7539357667098081521_o.jpg Can you open this? It’s a version of Phacelia here in Ohio.

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