God help me, I’m posting on livejournal. I blame Drambuie.

In the garden I was playing the tart
I kissed your lips and broke your heart
You, you said you would wait
Until the end of the world

Tonight, at least, I’m not breaking hearts.
I am reaching for things deceptively far
Which is good, all things considered
For if I touched I would surely topple
Towers, crystal, and china
Hey let’s make a melange
You kick and I’ll fumble
I’ve got shards for feet
Skating on thin skin
My goal is out of bounds in all
conceivable directions.
Hey girl, let’s make a maybe
Swaddle up our somedays in perhaps
and hedge them around in bets.
I’m not naturally tart
It’s just a chronic condition
You benefit me with your doubts
Stop that.
Reign me in I’m spooked
But you can stable me
Molten glow on a moonless night
Wending your smouldering grace
Around my snowbound heights.

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  1. *cheers at Avdipost*

    *looks at Trillian list, doesn’t see you signed on*


  2. Don’t blame Drambuie. It’s just that sort of day. I painted… you wrote… then I went off and roleplayed like an idiot…
    On second thought nevermind. Nice to see you posting though. Didn’t you have another blog? I get these things so mixed up…

  3. I think I love you!

    Oddly, I feel like I’ve just gotten done listening to a DC Talk song.

    Three cheers for Avdi! …’n’ stuff

  4. Very cool!

    I’m so glad you’re writing poetry again! You know, writing is a sign that things must not be so bad – because when it gets REALLY bad, I find that I can’t write at all, I get so stuffed up poetically, and I think a lot of people are like that. So you know you must be feeling at least a little more open, to be able to write! I’m glad. You worry me sincerely.

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