Does anybody feel
the way I do?
Is there anybody out there?
Are you hearing me?

I believe in you
Will you believe in me?
Or am I alone
in this hall of dreams?

– VNV Nation – Holding On

And maybe I never quite grew up
Because when music fills me
sometimes my vision blurs
and I seem to grow larger, as if
I could straddle the horizon
and fill the sky.
And then I see us
as lords and princes all
as heros and maidens
poets, prophets, and saints.
Then the vision dissipates
and I am left bereft
like an empty banquet hall.
Oh my friends, my loves, my brothers
grant me your most precious gift:
your belief; and I will give you my devotion
my quixotic striving towards ascension.
You have given me words more potent
than spells; and I have given you
my forgetfullness in return. But no more –
Oh be my liege-lords and
I will be your knight-errant;
I will be your prince
If you will be elven kings;
I will lift my banner
If you will lift yours also.
Only do not let me forget
Dear friends do not let me lose sight.
In this light we are all
golden, and I would not lose that.
And if be all but a childish dream –
Let me never awaken
Let me dream this dream with you.

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  1. that’s it!!
    you need a website. i suck at design, but i offer my services to its completion and maintenance.

    and yes, i feel the way you do. (not always, but i do)

  2. there’s negative balance in the poem.

    (it’s the only way i could think to describe it
    and i like it too)

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