Terminally Unhip

So there’s this question that always nags me whenever I go out to a club… what do all those people talk about all night? And how do they hear each other?! Whenever I go out I feel like I’m at a high school reunion that just happens to have industrial music being played at 3,000dB in the background. Everybody seems to know everyhone else, and they all have scads of catching-up to do.

Do you all work together? Did you all go to the same school? Or are you just naturally gregarious? What the hell do you people talk about?!

/me feels uninteresting…

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  1. livejournal. seriously.

    1. the unhip on the other side

      (…we miss you, Sarah! /me blushes with embarrassment)

      Seriously, last night, I was feeling a little at a loss for words. Both because of volume and also because I’ve spent the past many moons with no one else to talk to but a 7 & 8 year old. I go to a club and I’m at a loss. For different reasons than Avdi. I’ve just forgotten how to talk to adults.

      Oh… and also felt awkward because I’ve never danced in 3-inch heels before!

  2. i know that, in my case, i sometimes only see some of my friends at the club. so while i emphasize getting out on the floor, i also like to catch up with them. that’s one reason i call that circle “my club friends” – and while i may be moving into exception territory, of late especially it’s because i’m rarely at the club and i can’t quite afford to call them weekly, either.
    and then occasionally you don’t see someone for ages, and suddenly there they are! so you need to talk.

    and, depending on the company, i’ll talk to them about relationships, fun trivia, slashdot, ancient middle-eastern relations – whatever is applicable at the time 😉

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