By the Way…

Am I the only guy around who prefers his days without a heaping helping of drama? Lighten up, for fuck’s sake!!!

– Avdi, calm little center of an increasingly chaotic universe.

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  1. I’d answer that in the affirmative, but, well, I’m not a guy. o_O

    1. I meant “guy” in the general sense, as in “you guys” 🙂

      1. Ok, then,
        *nods vigorously*

        *Is very sleepy as a result of about four hours of self inflicted drama from last night*

  2. Drama is best tempered with a strong draught of apathy.

  3. I feel apathetic and melodramatic tonight.

    Do you SEE the staple marks in my hand?!?!?!
    *neurotic eyetwitch*
    Do you?!?!?!

    Drama makes me want to bang my head into the wall until I fall unconcious. If all else fails, that always makes it stop.
    You can usually sleep through it.
    You just have to learn to sleep long enough…

    Talk about a dramatic way to end drama.

    I think I’ve confused myself.
    I’m going to go back to the attic now.
    *resumes twitching in the corner, rocking back and forth.*

  4. fuck drama.

    i prefer peace, now.
    fighting is a waste of my time.

    your calm nature should avail you much.


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