Wow, Am I Ever Bored

I’ve got Mazzy Star going through my head.

I’m really, really not into what I’m supposed to be doing here at work.

I’m checking LJ obsessively.

I’m watching the clock.

If anyone wants to chat with me, now would be a good time…

…now that I’ve got your attention…

Reading sex books is a lot more fun with a lover.

One thing the books never tell you, though, is that if you’re not careful, shaving your ass will make your farts louder. Who knew?

Did you know nonoxynol-9 is bad for you?

Hmmm… I don’t seem to have any other items of sexual trivia today. Oh, except this: Your hair, on his skin – it’s a wonderful combination. Try it.

If my past observation of blogs is any indication, this post will attract more comments than any other in it’s history. Come on citizens of the internet, do your duty!

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  1. Well, I’m going to comment, but not because of all the sex stuff, even if history shows that it should get you more comments. 😛 No, I’m going to comment because I LOVE Mazzy Star and of course, of course, you’ve had their CD for ages! Right?

    Except I’ve loved Mazzy Star for ages, too. Specifically, their song Wild Horses.

    1. isn’t that a rolling stones song?

      who needs it?
      (i just keep telling myself that)

      1. Yeah, it *is* a Stones song as well, and I was wondering about that: is it the same one as Mazzy Star’s? Do you have any idea?

        1. are you sure that it’s mazzy star?
          i think the voice you are hearing is none other than harriet wheeler’s, of the sundays. she’s angelic.

          suzy bogguss covered it, and so did guided by voices.

          i think the sundays’ cover was also on a tv commercial.


          1. No, I’m really positive that it’s Mazzy Star. And I know now that it *is* the same song.

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