Sometimes I think I could
walk away inside myself
wander inward down hidden roads
leaving a great hollow shell
staring unblinking
at my hands.
That I could make these days
fly by like time lapse photography
and hear voices like
echoes in a vast cavern
curling away into
infinite dark recesses.
I would watch
the TV news tell of
all the things happening
outside of my body
and change the channel
or click it off.
Sometimes I sit and
make you all recede
towards the vanishing point
I bob silently out to sea
and wonder
when I pass the point
of no return
the event horizon of mindfullness
will I even know?

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  1. I am completely blown away by this.

    For one thing, it is exactly how I am feeling right now. Have my best moments already passed? Have I gone beyond the point of no return?

    But it also made me think.

    Thanks. I needed to read this right now.

  2. I’m
    on fire
    Burning with the question in my mind
    Seems there’s nothing else for me to find

    ‘Cause I’ve been here, and I’ve been there,
    Seems like I’ve been everywhere before
    I’ve seen it all a hundred times
    Still I think there surely must be more

    been livin’,
    I had to take my time and change my style
    I wonder
    is something gonna make it all worthwhile

    I know there’s more than meets the eye
    Like to see it ‘fore I die for sure.
    Something tells me it’s all right
    Only one step farther to the door

    There ain’t
    no feelin’,
    feels the same as findin’ out the key
    I’m reelin’,
    thinking of the things that I might see

    I’m not afraid to face the light
    I’m not afraid to think that I might fall
    I was going nowhere fast
    I was needing something that would last

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