Today I am Electric

There’s something to be said for driving to work while the sun rises.

“Ah! Fuck! it’s burning my eyes!”

Well, yes, that, but there are positive aspects as well. Not the least of them being that I will still have the remains of a spring afternoon to enjoy when I get home. It’s cliched I know, but there’s also something inspiring about dawn. Of course, that really depends on the preexisting conditions, internal and external, that the rising sun is illuminating.

I’m starting a church. Free donuts, and no pesky dogma. It’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Diety). Who wants to join?

This weekend’s objectives:

1. Buy new pants.
2. Meet people.
3. Dance like mad.

I’m looking forward to Elektroshock tomorrow night. Last month I had a ball.

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  1. i can see it…

    BYOD (Bring Your Own Diety…or Build Your Own Diety)

    “Hi, I’m Yehovah…um, well…I created man in my own image. But you know…I sometimes feel like I am kneeling down before a block of wood. I carved it eyes…but it can’t see. I carved it ears…and it sure as heck doesn’t listen. I gave it feet…hands…etc. And they don’t do any good.

    I have to question…am I devoting my entire eternal existence to a false idol?”

    [[[Excerpt: from Deities Anonymous ]]]

  2. donuts schmonuts – will there be bagels?

    1. Hell yeah. I’m Jewish, of course there will be bagels! With lox and cream cheese!

      1. don’t toy with me – i am a woman who takes salmon very seriously!

        1. As you should. Salmon is a serious matter!

  3. 1. What kind of pants are there to choose from?

    2. Real people, or shallow plastic sort of people?

    3. Ohh… what are we dancing to?

    1. Waitaminnit!

      This isn’t the Three Questions entry!

      1. Re: Waitaminnit!

        Oh…I’ve been doing too many of those lately.. I seem to be thinking in three questions/answers. Sorry. 😉

  4. Bring Your Own Diety
    Hahaha! But there are so many diets to choose from! =P

    I was planning on going to Electroshock this Saturday until I got hit with the flu so I won’t be out this weekend. I hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow night! =)

  5. “I’m starting a church. Free donuts, and no pesky dogma. It’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Diety). Who wants to join?”

    I think I’m already a member.

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