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Last night at Kommencement, avivahg confirmed that these two girls were, in fact, dancing at me – it wasn’t just my imagination. Which is to say, they were sort of gradually converging on me like two driedels on a slightly concave surface. I suppose I’m flattered, and they were not uncomely but – what am I supposed to do with that? It’s not a booty club, I’m not gonna start bumping and grinding. What possible benefit do they derive from dancing near the mostly oblivious dervish that is Avdi on synthpop? I can’t smell that good after a dancing for an hour.

This is probably why I never have drinks bought for me, and very, very rarely have to fend off advances. *shakes head* I will never have a clue when it comes to the mating rituals of species Homo Sapiens. Good thing I don’t need to.


There is a difference between watching and gawking. I can’t explain it, but there is. Being watched is flattering. Being gawked at is increddibly fucking annoying. Toward the end last night I began to feel like I was surrounded by vultures, patiently waiting for me to stop moving. Look, I don’t care if you’re a normie. It takes all types. Just don’t gawk!


Note to those who go to goth clubs to pick up hot kinky codependant chicks: “Why are you so depressed” is probably not the best pickup line to use. Remarkably, I’ve heard of it being used more than once. What the hell are these guys thinking?


I want an implement of flogging/lashing/whipping/thwapping for my birthday. Don’t worry, I’ll only use it on leering creeps (see above) and those who ask nicely.

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  1. The worst pickup line i’ve ever heard of was “I’m so goth my cum is black”. Heard it from a friend in cincy, she said everyone called the guy “count chocula” *shudder*

    1. I think I’d have to refer him to Dr. Cockburn, the Urologist.

  2. I’ve seen (and partaken in a little bit of)some erotic-style dancing at the Inferno here in town that I personally thought fit the atmosphere…dirty, kinky, dom/sub style writhings. Not your typical “shake your booty / hump your booty”. I am pretty sure it pissed some people off who thought that things should be less sexual and perhaps “more appropriate”.

    Some of the same Madison folks started once in Milwaukee at an event, and the folks were told to “get a room” by several Milwaukeans. Higher goth quotient, less fetish quotient I figure.

    So, if it is at all tolerated in your club, next time, grab them by their hair, push them to their knees, lock your thighs around their head, squat and start beating their ass with a flogger to the beat. Either they will love you for it, or they won’t be back.

    Hmmm. or you might not be back….better make sure you’re in good standing with the management first…..

    1. addendum,
      this is best done to some really angry, angsty guitar driven music, not synthpop.

    2. >Higher goth quotient, less fetish quotient I figure.

      Higher CLASS quotient, perhaps. Ouch! 🙂 Actually, the Public Fetish Quotient (PFQ – new term) is definitely higher in Madtown. As I wrote in an old post about Madison and the Inferno, I’d say the proper word would be MOLESTY. I see a LOT of personal space invasion in Maddy, shit that would border on ~harassment~ most other places and all out abuse on the west coast. I personally have a severe adverse reaction to unwelcome *I AM POWERFUL SEXY BEING YOU WILL APPRECIATE MY RUBBINESSES* type of advances from strangers whilst I’m out and about, it’s not liberating ~or~ flattering, it’s fucking annoying. Unless you like to be overpowered, disrespected and belittled, of course, then it’s play. The problem is that a LOT of Maddy peeps don’t ask, they just grope. Lame ass powerplay in my opinion.

      Maddy = Grope on a Rope 🙂

      But don’t think for a second that there is no Kink in Milw. It’s just much less visible. One of the reasons Sanctuary was shut down was because of the PFQ. No one wants that to happen again.

  3. P3~ Mind if I query as to the defined difference between the two?

    P4~ On the other hand, a concerned inquiry followed by an introduction can be a good icebreaker..

    1. Mind if I query as to the defined difference between the two?

      Like I said, it’s hard to say. It’s in the body language. Also, watching is generally done singularly, when the watcher isn’t busied by conversation; gawking is done in groups.

      P4~ On the other hand, a concerned inquiry followed by an introduction can be a good icebreaker..

      Eh. In certain contexts, yes. At church retreats it’s a good way to get to know the morose girl in the corner who’s parents forced her to go. That’s one situation where silent glowering might be plausible cause for concern. At a goth club it seems to me that unless you know the person, there’s really no basis for the assumption that they are depressed (or more so than usual). It strikes me as similar to going up to a girl at a bar and saying “So why are you an alcoholic?”.

  4. Which is to say, they were sort of gradually converging on me like two driedels on a slightly concave surface. ~ That is the best description I’ve heard, ever.*giggling*

  5. they ask because they think showing that they noticed and supposedly care that you seem ‘down’ will make them come off as sensitive

    i like your looking vs gawking thing – i have a hard time explaining that to people. “dont you think its stupid to get annoyed for guys looking at you – you dressed to get attention anyway?” “looking would be fine. this isn’t looking in admiration. its predatory, overwhelming, rude and disturbing.”

    1. Yah. I’m miffed if I get all dressed up and no one admires me. I’ll gladly take admiration, esthetic appreciation, or naked lust. But sometimes it’s clearly none of the above, it’s just sideshow-style staring-at-the-freak..

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