In Labor

I think another long-expected chunk of introspection has just about clawed it’s way out my skull. Now I just need the time to sit and write it out.

Last night at Elektroschock kicked ass… even though I was pretty low-key due to still feeling the after-effects of excessive revelling Friday night. (No, low-key for Avdi does not mean “comatose”. Shut up.) Lots of good conversation, and I danced more than I expected given how I was feeling. I think I’m learning to just expect and manage the mopeyness that accompanies going out. I guess I’ve been conditioned to expect that social situations always result in my feeling left-out and lonely, and now I just start feeling that way automatically when I go out. If so, I suppose it’s simply a matter of time and repetition to re-condition myself.

For now, I must get ready to go. Today we take the dog to Lancaster to meet someone who will hopefully find her a happier home than ours.

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  1. sorry i didnt make it, we were halfway there before batman realised he wasnt gonna be able to go (the drives about what it is for you guys to get to baltimore)

    i look forward to your next bout of introspective writing, and i hope you decide there are choices other than simply resigning yourself to feeling left out or mopey.

    and good luck with the dog venture, i hope you are able to find a good home for her.

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