You wrap your strings around me like
seductress arms
elbow-length gloves and a ciggarette
smoke curling, finger trailing
along my memories
like a gust stirs leaves, careless
and coy
with a backward glance and a
slow, slow sway
Glass on steel bends and slides
lulls me but awakens
the curator of my mind
dusty albums of sense more than sight
you take me back to long days
when all I asked was
a hand to hold and a
wide, wide sky
I cast back and consider
what all did I leave behind?
rusting under honeysuckle vines
blue-white under summer dusk skies
was it all worthwhile and
if I met me now,
would I offer shelter
or a drink and a
wry, wry smile?

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  1. Oh, that’s beautiful, babe!

  2. That is lovely. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. This is quite nice indeed.

  4. That is a very well written piece, it brings a lot of vivid images to mind. More I want more 🙂

  5. avdi thats beautiful.

    we are coming for your birthday sunday but cannot leave this area until 4pm-ish b/c she has to work until then however we are leaving as soon as she gets off.

    could we bring anything?
    anything at all?

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