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  1. Nice pics.
    It looks like you had a good time.

  2. I flaked out on a couple things this weekend. I choose to blame after-semester fatigue, but laziness might be to blame.

    Anyway.. I’ll come to the next party I say I’ll come to 😉

  3. Nice pics

    Happy 24th 🙂

    That makes you 21 years younger than me, and 4 years older than the last two boys I was naughty with 😉

  4. nunber 7. who is this? just curious is all

    1. on the left is , and on the right is . With any luck you’ll get to meet them both when you visit.

      1. I thought so…
        rebeckahrae is sweeeeeet!
        not that I want to overlook shadowandlight or anything, but.

        1. Wow, and to think I didn’t notice your comment until now.

          No thanks to Avdi not letting me know anybody was saying anything about me… stupid Avdi.

          Thanks for the compliment and under the circumstances, I don’t think it’d be wrong for me to tell you that you’re absolutely hot as well.

          *cheeky grin*

  5. yay piccies! and i am not in a single one! w00t!

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