One advantage of leading a boring life: LJ updates are easy.

What’s new? This week we are hosting ashanden, who is visiting from Madison. If anyone wants to see him, now’s your chance. Considering he’s stuck in at home with no tranportation while we’re both working, he’d probably jump at a chance to get out of the house.

Last night I went to asherhyder‘s birthday party. It was my first murder-mystery party, and I had a ball. She had a bunch of her college friends over, and everyone slipped quickly into character. We spent a delightful evening trading insults, making veiled accusations, and generally being polite bastards to each other. Afterwards rebekahrae, asherhyder and I jumped on the trampoline and then talked for awhile. They bitched about how old (hah!) they are (it was her 21st birthday). I’m hoping she’ll join us for Elektroschock on Saturday.

Work has been busy. My part of the project is officially on the “critical path” now (i.e. it’s the most behind schedule). Of course, that’s because I was sidetracked for a month or two rolling out a worthless management-mandated configuration management tool that we finally convinced them was more trouble than it’s worth. But they don’t care about causes (especially when they are the cause), they just want to see us “make the numbers”.

I’m tired. Emotionally I’m more or less flat, neither up nor down. I’m feeling kind of standoffish, actually, like I want to take a step back from everything and everyone for awhile. Sometimes I miss my own company. I’m not at odds with anyone or anything; I just want to go my own way for a bit. That’s not really feasible though. Especially with the kids coming home in less than a week.

I am lacking my sense of expansiveness, that’s the problem. I miss feeling like the world is spread out at my feet. I’m feeling like everything and everyone diminishes and dims once you get up close. Dreams are only beautiful so long as they remain unrealized. People are only gorgeous from a distance, slightly out of focus. The world is grey and pedestrian. I need an injection of romance [in the classical sense]. An unromantic Avdi is not much of an Avdi at all.

We’ll be at Alchemy tonight. Will any of you DC-types be there? I’m not looking forward to it; I’d much rather stay home than spend hours on the road, evil DC roads at that, and then get another abbreviated night’s rest. But I need to entertain our guest. Wouldn’t want him returning to Madtown with stories of just how boring we really are.

avivahg and I have more or less hashed out our differences, untangled our miscommunications, and come to agreement, if anyone’s wondering. She’s right, you know: you only see her chaotic side on here.

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  1. perhaps they could go and you could stay in and rest? or would that not be appropriate to the hosting duties?

    i am not going anywhere tonight, tired as hell. i do hope you guys have fun there 🙂

    1. He can’t go alone as he has no transportation without us (neither one of us are about to give up our cars… heheheh).

      1. nod i meant actually with one of you going with him and the other staying home to rest – just a thought 🙂

        drive safe and have fun!

  2. p.s. i think you mean ashanden, not ashenden

  3. yar!!!! at least i am getting some well sought out reading done 🙂 tonight will be cool, you might have fun, and i will introduce you to some peeps…. it will be cool…and yeas, during the day, peeps, come and save me!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahaha…

  4. Would you quit spelling my name wrong? *sighs*

    I am pretty emotionally flat myself, and everyone really does diminish and dim once you get up close.

  5. yeah um…and so…but anyway…

    yeah nm.

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