And While I’m Ranting…

I am sick to fucking death of libertarians being characterized as callous, cold-hearted bastards who secretly think the Poor are at best an inconvenient nuisance, and at worst a potential slave-labor pool. It’s stupid enough applying that stereotype to Republicans, even though some of them really do give off that impression. But we stand for some of the most levelling, liberating, and empowering principles ever dreamed up by mankind, and yet we are typecast as a bunch of Scrooges.

Maybe I should blame Ayn Rand. She chose the loaded word “Selfishness” to sum up her value system, and ranted against the evils of altruism. Maybe if she had picked different words we wouldn’t be tarred with this brush.

Just because my idea of how to help them differs wildly from yours, doesn’t mean I don’t care about my fellow man just as much as you do. I’m sick of the false dilemmas: “Do you support government welfare programs, or do you hate the poor?”. Tell me, when did you stop beating your wife?

Open your mind. As Larry Wall says, there’s more than one way to do it. Consider the possibility that there may be more than one way to create a peaceful, healthy, well-provided-for society. Try to understand that though our means may differ, our ends may still be surprisingly similar.

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  1. whew not me this time!

    someone else must be pissing you off today too bc i havent said a word about libertarians.

    1. Re: whew not me this time!

      well… I am one… and you’ve said some things about my attitude that seem to me substantially similar to the what I ranted about above… correct me if I’m wrong.

      1. Re: whew not me this time!

        your post is about libertarians being characterised a certain way. ive said nothing of the sort and made no reference to your being a libertarian.

        this post also defends differing methodologies. i have seen no such methods discussed, nor have i contested any inferred methods that i am aware of.

        what i have questioned is your individual personal realism where it relates to people living in true poverty. no labels, no groups, no approaches. you as a person. i believe you personally do not understand how many of these people live and what their realistic awareness and choices are. and when i hear people i am totally convinced do not understand what it really truly means to be poor talking about how stupid poor people are or what they should do, i get upset. more so if i perceive the person as knowing better than to speak so glibly to something they havent experienced directly.

        1. Re: whew not me this time!

          Robin, live in Florida for almost 30 years, watch what kind of people move into those flimsy trailers that get blown away at a strong gust of wind. Then come back and bitch and gripe at Avdi for his rant against stupidity that runs amok in Florida.

          Just for the record, I grew up there, I noted all of the above. I can give you the answer, but I want you to figure it out for yourself because I believe you are a smart girl.

        2. Re: whew not me this time!

          You’re right, BTW, that this post wasn’t aimed specifically at you. Or anyone else that I’m in frequent contact with, for that matter.

          1. Re: whew not me this time!

            Leave it to me and I’ll have on to something like a dog on a bone. Heh. Oops.

  2. Note…

    Obviously not all libertarians are not cold callous poor-hating bastards..
    You provide a good example of this fact…

    However.. there are people who call themselves libertarians who do demonstrate those traits… And too often, it has unfortunately been these morally bankrupt versions of self-proclaimed libertarians who have been in the limelight–or at least who have been seen truly influencing politics…

    Thus.. there is some truth to the accusation.. (heck.. we could make the analogy here to characterizations of “goths”–i.e. that they are all depressing suicidal wussies… While this is obviously true for some.. it is definitely not true for all despite what many people say or portray on Tee-Vee…)

    Such is life…
    It is the problem with all groups..
    I, for example, consider myself a liberal, who has always, so far, voted Democrat because I haven’t ever had the chance to vote for something that used to be fairly common–namely, a liberal Republican…

    However.. I am not a tax & spend, fiscally irresponsible bleeding heart, tree hugging lets just throw money at problems socialist as many people–especially republicans (and some libertarians)–tend to portray all Democrats…

    I am more of an old school realpolitik liberal–believes in a strong defense– used wisely

    Do I get upset when people all write off liberalism as the caricature that one extreme group of its adherents portrayed in the late 60’s and 70’s…
    Yes.. but I still call myself a Liberal and most likely always will..

    I’m not a bleeding heart.. I’m more likely to want to make your heart bleed… πŸ˜‰

  3. I am sick to fucking death of libertarians being characterized as callous, cold-hearted bastards. . .

    Not me! It makes people think I am powerful and scary and HARDCORE!

    just kidding πŸ˜›

    1. Heh. Your new LJ icon pretty much defeats the powerful and scary and hardcore image. If you want people to think that, you should do like me and disguise your true identity behind a badass avatar. Nothing says powerful, scary and hardcore like the Lone Locust of the Apocolypse!

      1. Is that what that thing is supposed to be? I thought it was some sort of sports team mascot.

        1. I’m telling Zorak you thought he wa a mascot… I’ll bet he DEVOURS you πŸ˜›

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