I’m afraid I’ve lost the piece of me
I need the most you see
This puzzle is really just about the need
To be somebody
I’m afraid I’m not all that you see
All along the coast of me
I’m camouflaged, a desert mirage
A nobody

But you came so close and I assumed
You were looking
For the piece of yourself that’s lost
It is the hiding place inside everybody
And though we love to numb the pain
We come to learn that it’s in vain
Pain is our mother
She makes us recognize each other

– OtR – Nobody Number One

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  1. This brings up an interesting question to me. What does it mean to be somebody?

    I know what I think about that particular subject, but it would be interesting to hear what others have to say.

    1. It’s pretty subjective… I’d say it has to do with making an impression as an individual… leaving a mark in people’s minds.

      1. So being “somebody”, to you, has to do with what other people think about you?

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