“I Can’t Believe the News Today…”

Today, depressed about the horrors going on in the world and the seeming lack of outrage. Children killed by terrorists, and the media with their eternal “sure it’s awful, but you have to look at why…”. Genocide in Sudan, and nobody really cares because it’s never been a sexy enough country to bother about.

September 11th is coming up. How do you commemerate that day, if at all? I haven’t done anything consistently in the past, but I feel like I should… I’m torn between somber remembrance and committing random acts of religious freedom, immorality, and consumerism, just because I can.

Yesterday I was too depressed to go to work (for more personal reasons). I called in sick and went and sat on the shore of lake Marburg for awhile. It was a good day for it, heavily overcast and rainy. Then I stole some wildflowers from the Pennsylvania Dept. of Natural Resources and went home to work on housework. It helped, a little. Cleaning used to be how I dealt with feeling depressed and overwhelmed. It’s not as effective now that I can’t clean the whole house in a day.

Nobody makes PIM (Personal Information Management) software suited for me. I don’t need a glorified datebook, I need a personal secretary that will keep track of my goals and tell me what to do each day. I doubt I’m the only one like this. I’d probably make a lot of money if I had the energy to turn all my sofware ideas into realities.

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  1. firewerks for 9-11

    “..i can’t close my eyes and make it go away..”

    i have a slough of roman candle-esque toys.
    this way you can break the law (up yours, GW)
    enjoy fire’s beauty, and remember the explosions all at the same time

    it’s the only thing i enjoy about july 4th, and it’s always about people dying.
    if only this war would end & innocent 3rd-worlders would stop dying.
    AND americans!

    ..and for what?
    “i won’t heed the battle call. it puts my back up, puts my back up against the wall..”

  2. I find that playing an instrument (or rather learning an instrument that I don’t know) helps with depression.

  3. 11SEP04 i will be spending in army BDUs learning about tactical radios. *sigh* i still don’t know if this is the right place for me.

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