Item the first: My el-cheapo monitor bit the dust this weekend, so our household is once again without a working computer.  If you need to get ahold of us, call.

Item the second:  after much urging, I have finally equipped the Lady and myself with that abominable modern nuisance, the cell phone.  I will post my cell number in a separate, friends-only post.  Barring any issues with the phone, I’m planning on deprecating my old landline number in favor of the new one, with the possibility of deactivating my old number at some unspecified date in the future.  So update your address books.

Now is probably as good a time as any to let you all in on one of my little quirks:  I hate the phone.  I hate that it interrupts important activities like sex, sleep, or daydreaming with shrill, urgent alarums.  I hate that it gives bill collecters, salespeople, public school teachers, and other undesirables the power to invade the sanctity of my abode.  I hate that talking on the phone combines most of the impersonality of an online conversation with none of the convenience.  I hate  that the only kind of silence in a telephone conversation is an awkward one.  I hate the fact that even though my eyes are left free to be distracted, I am incapable of productively splitting my attention while I am on the phone.  I hate the way my ear aches after a long phone call.

Which is not to say that you shouldn’t call me.  Just that I much prefer other forms of communication, such as email or IM.  They suit my deliberate, word-oriented thought processes better.  I don’t mind talking face to face either, preferably while walking or over a cup of coffee.  Both these activities give me something neutral to look at and/or fidget with, a condition that has to be met for my speech centers to function.  If you need to get in touch with me quickly don’t hesitate to call.  But don’t be surprised if you get my voicemail, as I much prefer to treat phone calls the same way I treat email, as a serial input queue rather than as an unmaskable interrupt.

Item the third: We are definitely attending the MD Renn. Faire on October 3rd.  Hie thee unto the Faire on that day and make merry with us, else I will taunt you a second time,  you silly English knnnniggets.

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  1. i hate phones too, largely for the same reasons. good luck with the comp stuff and enjoy the festival – sorry i didnt get to see you guys at elektroshock or kommencement 🙁

  2. You guys shuold sign up for freecylce, people often give away computer parts and things on there. Someone was advertising one the other day but it’s probably already gone.
    Now that I’m fired I don’t work that weekend so I can go with you guys!!! I want to go with you, if you have room in your car or I can just follow you down.

  3. Re: ren faire!!! MD?!?!

    You’d better!

    1. Re: ren faire!!! MD?!?!

      both of us will be in attendence
      i will most likely have the day off from both jobs and would love some company as i trounce from beer stand to beer stand.
      my lady will be working however, she will have a free shift…either in the am or pm

      we will see you both there im sure of it.
      (besides, i ganked your cell phone number and it is now in my phonebook in my phone. if you do not hear from me, shoot me over a text or call me when you’re there and i’ll come play! depending on her schedule, i’m sure the gf would love to play too!)

  4. It’s a sign

    The Americans I hang out with (including cyberly) all seem to have one thing in common.

    They get Monty P. (I am told this is not a widespread American attribute.) At Pennsic, you could start quoting a Python skit and random strangers would complete it …

  5. dammit!

    we’ll be at the renn faire on saturday that weekend…

    ah well.

  6. You and me both…hate phones….

  7. Wow, you make it sound really really inviting to call you! < / sarcasm >

    1. Becka, this is the most beautiful icon I’ve seen of you yet.

      1. Ahaha that’s funny. I just created this one yesterday… I toyed around with the colors on one of those “black dress” pictures and voila!


  8. I hate phones.
    Most people that call me want to talk for an hour.

    1. The funny thing is that, with you, I feel like you want to stay on the phone when I call and I’m itching to get off. I hate phones of all kinds. I’m usually silent or mostly silent on the phone.

      Particularly when my mom calls… ugh!

      1. Maybe that’s why I can never get off of the phone with people…
        If you’re ever on the phone with me and you have the slightest inclination to get off, say so, I won’t be offended, hurt, or annoyed in any way.

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