Voicing my Displeasure

It has come to my attention that for reasons unknown to me, DJ Neska (maggot93) is no longer a resident DJ at Kommencement.  This does not make me happy.  While I appreciate the work that everyone involved with Kommencement does,  knowing that she’ll be spinning is a big part of what brings the Lady and I down from PA on Sunday nights whenever we can manage it.  The fact of the matter is that her musical tastes and my feet get along very, very well, and I know that if she is DJing I’ll get at least one solid block of dancing in.  Not to mention that she gives great hugs and is just generally fun to be around.  News that she will no longer be spinning regularly takes away a lot of the impetus to trek down there and stay up late on a work night.

If you feel similarly about this matter, I encourage you to add your voice to this thread on the Kommencement bulletin board.

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  1. thanks đŸ™‚ not that you did this for any reasons other than your own just being apreciative anyhow.

    and yeah she does give awesome hugs – even i find them irresistable and you know how antihuggy i tend to be.

  2. not to mention an awsome person to do car bombs with too, hehehe

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