If I had a dollar for every time I heard about a flaw on an Airbus…

The NTSB is chalking the crash of flight 587, the airliner which crashed into New York in November 2001, up to, you guessed it, pilot error.  What a surprise.  Why don’t they just call it the National Pilot Error Board and be done with it?

It seems that under certain circumstances, when you push hard enough on the rudder of an Airbus A300-600, the tail will break off.  Evidently the pilot should have known this.  Seems obvious, in retrospect.  My flight instructors always warned me about about accidentally making the tail fall off.  Er, wait, no they didn’t…

There’s a reason that I always look at the aircraft listed when booking a flight, and pick one that isn’t on an an Airbus, if I can.

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  1. hehe, accidently breaking the tail off.

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