It’s strange… sometimes when I’m taken aback by some new information, when I feel like the carpet has been yanked out from under me, I get the urge to wander off and smoke a cigarette. The strange part is that I’ve never smoked. The very few tobacco products I’ve tried have had no effect on me other than to make me sick. But between movies and observing all my friends who smoke, it feels like the natural thing to do. I mean, if I just go and sit on the back step, what will I do with my hands?

Such is the effect of society’s conditioning.

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  1. I do too! It seems like it would be so relaxing and that suddenly all my troubles would drift away on that cloud of smoke. I also love how artistic it is. But I really have no interest in ever inhaling the toxic stuff.

    1. Yeah, I think holding the cigarette in your hand is kinda sexy, but blowing smoke out your nose and mouth looks nasty.

      Plus it’s naught but a smelly carcinogen. Hencely, I don’t smoke.
      Be like Kojak and eat lollypops…LOL

  2. Well, you could try using a bubble pipe. 😀

    Or, become proficient in rotating Boading Balls ( across your palm. This not only looks cool, it is also provocative and good for relieving stress. And, it irks conservatives (always a plus). lol…

    1. How do they irk conservatives?

      1. I’m prejudiced, I suppose…

        I invariably associate conservatives with the born-again types (of whatever faith) and the hypocrisy of the sexual taboo. Then again, maybe they wouldn’t recognize the balls for their purported uses. You could always give them a try and find out. (Yeah, that was intentionally vague.)

        1. Re: I’m prejudiced, I suppose…

          Ah. I’d never heard any of their purported uses… I doubt any of the fundies I know would have, either.

          So… do tell…

          1. Re: I’m prejudiced, I suppose…

            Here’s a pretty realistic discussion of it all… . Incidentally, the parent site has other more predictable products as well… lol.

  3. I prefer masterbation.

    1. oh, but have you ever masturbated while smoking??

  4. lol

    Take up knitting

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