tear me open
peel back my skin
I would dance until the flesh gave out
and then scream until I cried
so tired of twilight
and half dreams
I have seen glimpses of what I could be
and I will not be denied
knit me together
resurrect me
spirits from all the far horizon come
and sanctify
I never forgot
I slept for so long
and I know I must claim my birthright
before I die

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  1. I’d reassure you, if I could, that you can realize your dreams. But I know I’m the last person that you’re going to accept that reassurance from. And I’m sorry for that. For now, though, know that my heart is for you and I want you to see through all your hopes and dreams … and maybe one of these days we’ll be on the same page and it won’t seem like such a struggle anymore.

    Until then, all I’ve got is words.

  2. What would make you happy? Do you even know?

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