Rough weekend so far. Today I’m just kind of enenthused and unmotivated. Strife in my own life, strife among my friends, strife (thankfully fairly civil) on my journal. What’s the word for the feeling you get when you’re not happy but don’t want to get away because you don’t believe there’s anywhere better, either? Anger, misunderstandings, and disconnection are with us wherever we humans gather, and they follow us in our minds wherever we go to be alone. Perhaps I should seek “no-mind”. I wouldn’t know how to begin though.

I’m not really depressed, just… blah. Ya know?

The trouble with not posessing an addictive personality is that there are no appealing vices promising solace when I am down. When I’m not happy nothing appeals to me, except maybe a walk in the woods. Booze? Blah. Sex? Blah. Video games? Blah. Porn? Blah. Movies? Well, you get the picture.


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  1. Sorry, I’ve been busy having all your fun. It all balances out. I’ll be back to boredom and you to happiness soon. 🙂

    1. …so what kind of fun have you been having?

      1. Mostly the kind that involves drinking and not having to be responsible for my kids.

        1. Oh, what fun!


  2. i know what it feels like to have a case of the blahs and not having anything to do for me to get over it or to even just escape it for a while. so when i do feel that way this is what i do: instead of finding something to make me hppy, i make it my goal to make someone else happy, to attend to their needs and take all focus away from myself. like today for example: i fealt pretty blah most of the day so i spent most of my time pleasing my girl. it’s a total win-win situation!

    1. nah, that makes too much sense.

      1. sorry. should i have suggested something more along the lines of taking a long bubble bath while sipping on over-priced wine? or should i have taken the ‘awe… poor avdi…’ stance? of course i would suggest something that makes sense! only problem is i can only seem to give such advice, not follow it!

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