And then sometimes I think people might be right when they say I think too hard about things…

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  1. Billy Joel affected my life…

    “Should I try to be a straight-A student? If you are, then you think too much.”
    So I blew off school, while remaining rather introspective. What can I say?

  2. of course you do ! but that is an important and great part of you , an important one of the many important parts of you that make you a great person to have met and to know, completely unlike any person I have met or will ever meet, and I think that possibly all who meet you and know you might agree . . . and I’m thankful for the overthought thoughts that you write down in a forum where I can see them, intelligent thought and writing is rare, and exposure to it does make a clear difference and improvement in the quality of life overall. Thank you for being expressive in your thoughtridden point of view on life, sincerely.

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