Don’t ask me why, New Years is one of my very favorite holidays.

So help me, if I spend NYE sick, at home, and without friends it’s going to cast a pall over this whole friggin’ new year.

I hate being sick, and I hate having kids.

Over and out.

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  1. Being sick

    Tends to have negative effects on perspective.
    Stay mellow, boss.

  2. i am almost undecieded about staying home alone tonight, but i think jules would somehow kill me if i did šŸ˜

  3. If you start to feel better today call me.

  4. Haha! We are doing a family thing and going to Castles N Coasters (mini golf amusement park) where Christian bands will be playing. They used to be good bands, but now, well, I’m not sure. Having kids does change so much. And you can’t even be sick in peace! I hope you feel better soon. Good luck finding New Years cheer tonight.

  5. *comfort* you know where I’ll be and i’d certainly be delighted to see you. we could vent in a corner and know we werent bringing anyone down since we are both cranky!

    1. If I actually make it to Ascension, I won’t have any reason to be cranky!

      1. lol does that mean i cant vent? dammit..

        1. heh… vent all you like… if I make it my good cheer will be indomitable!

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