Who has Netflix?

I see that Netflix has introduced a “friends” feature by which Netflix users can share ratings and reccomendations with each other. So:  who has Netflix, and would like to try it out with me?

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  1. I got digital cable, with this handy feature that lets me watch any show at all on the Premium channels (HBO, Cinemax, etc…) any time I want, VOD, for free.

    more movies than I can watch already….

    1. Yeah, but can you get wierd-ass movies like Repo Man?

      Didn’t think so 😛

  2. I have NetFlicks, but honestly, I think they know too much about me anyways. Also, we were discussing canceling it. I wait 5-10 days for movies to be shipped to me. For that long, we might as well go the Blockbuster route.

    1. Good grief. They get here in 1-2, sometimes 3 days.

  3. the roommates and i were thinking of splitting an account, as we watch between one and four movies a day amongst us. if we decide to do it, i’ll let you know

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