These energy drinks that are all the rage these days don’t so much energize as they do reanimate.  Into the sleep-deprived body of the drinker they install a demonic mockery of life, effectively turning a corpse into a twitching corpse.

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  1. Have you tried the Rock Star Energy Drink?
    That son-of-a-gun is like Red Bull times four!

  2. I’m so tempted to that. Would you mind terribly if I did?

    1. Uh, sure, I guess… what’s ?

      1. From the community info: For posting funny things (or occasionally deep) said on LiveJournal. This should be simple enough, eh? And fun, we hope!

        It just made me giggle, and I wanted to share with the world at large. 😀

  3. an just think, if u have any sensativity to them, like i do, you turn into a convulsing in a major seizure way corpse.

  4. Wandered in from [it comes with it’s own slashdot effect]…

    Have you ever read the ingrediants on those things?
    Trust me on this, any expert on the occult can tell you that in some of those “energy” juices you have most of what you’d need for some powerful voodoo! I mean seriously, devils-claw root extract? What did you think it did?!

    Those things aren’t in there for taste that’s for sure…

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