Panic Mode Engage

My dad is in India.

I just got a call from an unknown number.  It was extremely garbled, and sounded like a cell phone with very bad reception.  But what I could hear sounded like an Indian man, saying “_____Avdi_____kumar”.  Which could easily have been “Hello Avdi, this is Rajkumar” – the name of an old friend of ours, who my dad is working with.

Chances are, if it was indeed him, my dad gave him my number and he just decided to call me up for old time’s sake (I haven’t spoken to him since the winter of ’93-’94).

The other possibilities are unsettling.

EDIT:  No, that’s not right.  Going over my dad’s emails, Rajkumar is brain-damaged and comatose after an accident a few years ago. If anyone it would have been his brother, Vijay, calling.  Odd.  Maybe it was just a random wrong number.

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  1. Yeah, and don’t they know you by your middle name?

  2. You should try to contact your dad.

  3. *paranormal freak moment*

    You remind me of a ghost story I once read.

    Maybe it *was* Rajkumar, using the otherwise un-useable energy still left in his mind to contact you?

    Sorry. I know I’m not helping.

    That is pretty creepy though.

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