Drinklog: Ugh

I’ve been headachey and generally bleh all day, which I blame on last nights drinks.  I only had two, with a combined 5-6 oz. of alcohol, which normall wouldn’t be a problem for me. But they were made with cheap american whiskey, I drank them both within a two-hour period, and I didn’t have any water between or after drinks.  I guess one or more of the above factors is to blame for how I feel today.

Perfect Manhattan
Sweet Vermouth
Dry Vermouth

The Manhattan is one of my standard drinks, and I’m thinking of making the Perfect version my new default, as it strikes a nice midpoint between sweet and dry.  It may be nontraditional, but I’m pretty sure I prefer to use bourbon rather than american blendedwhiskey.  Of course, it probably didn’t help that I went from using Maker’s Mark bourbon ($25+ for a fith) to Imperial (< $10 for a litre).  I got the cheap stuff for mixing, but I think I’ve spoiled my taste buds.

Black Hawk
Sloe Gin

Not bad, for a relatively sweet drink.  Not shockingly good, either.  Alternately makes the whiskey palatable, or makes the slow gin palatable, depending on how you feel about each.   Lovely deep ruby color.  Very strong.

Also embibed over the weekend:

Slow Comfortable Screw
Southern Comfort
Sloe Gin
Orange Juice

Mmmmmmmmm.  I don’t usually go for sweet, fruity frinks, but damn.  That stuff is tasty.  Goes down easy, too. avivahg  says it tastes like punch, and she’s right.  Really good punch.   Much better in my opinion than a plain old Screwdriver.  Recommended to anyone who dislikes drinks which taste strongly alcoholic.

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  1. It was very much like punch.

  2. single malt

    While I’m pretty close to a tee-totaler, I never forget that “whiskey” is derived from the Gealic “water of life”.

    1. Re: single malt

      Johnny Walker Black is still my favorite whiskey.

      1. Re: single malt

        talk about non-sequitor. :-p

  3. Have you ever had a mojito?

    My personal fave is Captain’s and Coke…I’m very rough and tumble..LOL

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