It’s been a good weekend. Friday was spent cuddling my sick wife and generally relaxing, and then watching Constantine in the evening. Saturday we spent all afternoon at my mom’s. We watched fun movies that I’d seen before (The Mask of Zorro; The Truman Show; and bits of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) and ate munchies. Once it got to be dinnertime I supplemented the munchies with Thai and Middle Eastern takeout. We sampled mom’s gift, all four bottles (for the Scotch fanciers: the Blue was superb, of course; but the real standout was the Gold. Unique and delicious.) I still felt crappy, but I decided to drag my sick ass out to Elektroschock (allowing a suitable interval for the effects of the scotch to wear off, of course).

It was worth it. Didn’t show up at E until around 11:30, and it was packed. I’ve never seen it so crowded. Everyone, simply everyone was there. It was splendid to see , , , , , , , , and… other people without livejournals (whew!). I hope everyone realized by the end of the night that if I seemed standoffish or unresponsive it was because I was feeling pretty out of it, and I was afraid of passing on the plague (allthough it sounded like practically everyone had had it already – at least once). I got lots of lovely hugs despite my status as potential vector. It’s sooo nice to have friends I can be close and cuddly with.

Didn’t get back to my mom’s until close to 3AM (it didn’t help that I got on 95 North by mistake). Enjoyed a night of rapturous cuddling with . It’s funny, you can get so used to sleeping with someone, but every now and then it’s like the first time you slept in their arms all over again. Woke up at 8 and was out of bed by 9, feeling much better than I did Saturday, apart from a sore throat. In fact, I felt positively perky despite relatively little sleep. We packed up and went home. I got cleaned up and then picked up . We drove up to Harrisburg to the Susquehanna Art Museum to see a photo exhibition. Had a good time looking at nifty photos, then drove home. Now it’s time for boring office work, followed by Law and Order, Boston Public, and bed.

Wow, this was like, a normal LJ entry. Whoa.

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  1. dammit – i had to leave early, the person i was with was exhausted.

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