Dramatic acts of revelry, caught on film!

What to do when feeling lousy and very likely contagious? Get cozy with as many people as possible, of course! Like they say, misery loves company…

The full album can be found here. Thanks to rhainangel for taking these and putting them online.

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  1. Have I mentioned recently how much I adore those curls?

    1. no idea. ? Do you know?

        1. no no, I was asking if she knew.

        2. kinda looks like vania. it was good to see u, albeit briefly yet again. *hugs to da avdi*

          1. yeah, sorry I didn’t get to talk to you more. How’s the stomach alien doing?

          2. That’s Vania alright.

    2. yep. that’s vania. here’s a pic of us together. she’s a cutie! =p

      1. um, damn, i really want to meet her. she is way way cute. maybe in 3-4 weeks.

  2. So do you feel like crap yet?

    1. nope, but I seem to be FrogBoy today. Crooooak.

  3. aww. you’re so cute! i’m so happy you like the pics! =p

  4. Yay, that photo again. Like I told Kimber this morning, I manage to look drunk even when I’m not. *Rolls eyes* The rest of you look fantastic, though.

    R. 🙂

  5. god Avdi. you are beautiful. come sit on my mantel! *kiss*

    1. areed absolutely. what a beautiful man. *sigh*

  6. Too. Damn. Hott. Must. Shut. Down.

  7. *gasp* Everyone is so pretty! Every single person in all the pics… *happy sigh over the eye candy*

  8. Wow… You’re more colorful on the home computer.

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