I awaken on a sofa in a darkened, empty house. In retrospect the configuration of the room is similar to the living roon in the house I grew up in. I panic, because I was here to work but somehow I fell asleep and now it is 9:45 PM, and I think that will be terribly worried about me. The feeling is similar to the frightening dislocation I used to feel, and sometimes still do, when I would doze off and then awaken to find that it’s late at night and everyone is asleep. I punch ‘s speed-dial button on my cell phone, but after many rings someone else answers. It is someone, I don’t know who, who knows and likes me, but not from real-life interaction (an online friend). I wonder if I dialed the wrong number. shows up, though, and I fall all over myself apologizing to her, and she comforts me.

This one stands out because I was awoken, in a certain amount of distress, apparently by the dream itself rather than by some outside factor. So it wasn’t just the last dream before the alarm went off.

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