Dr. Jung says that the unconscious draws it’s motifs both from personal experience and from the collective unconscious. These symbols show up in our dreams. A dream last night reminded me of one of the oldest themes in my dreams. The essentials are always the same:

I am in the yard or fields surrounding the house I grew up in. I look up to the sky, and catch sight of a strange aircraft. It is of an unusual and futuristic shape, some secret military or NASA prototype. I am both menaced and excited by it’s presence. It circles, or perhaps even approaches me.

The design of the aircraft is always different, but the dream is the same.

As a child, I was fascinated with science and technology, particularly aerospace. The Air&Space Museum in DC was my favorite museum, and I used to dream of space travel and bold new aircraft designs. So it is not surprising that this interest would appear as a symbol in my dreams.

This time I call to avivahg, who is inside the house, to come and see it. She joins me, but other than that she doesn’t feature in the dream. The aircraft is a complex multi-winged design, painted in camouflage and military insignia. It dives down towards us. Unlike all the previous incarnations of this dream, it actually lands. At first it seems that it will land on top of us, and I run to get out of the way. Once it is on the ground, I see that despite it’s markings, it is not really a government plane at all, but the creation of it’s pilot, an eccentric, free-spirited genius of the sort that I have often admired. I realize that the pilot and I have something in common (in the dream represented by the fact, advertised on the plane’s fuselage, that he is a contributor to a magazine I read). He briefly chases after me, almost playfully, in the plane; but then I am able to approach. The dream ends with the possibility that I will be able to board this strange aircraft.

I need an analyst, dammit. Or at least someone who knows a smattering of psychology that I can bounce ideas off of. Preferably in person.

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  1. Are you friends with ?

    1. No. Should I be?

      1. Yeah. She’s a psych major. Friends with Laurie and Christy and I. Awesome girl.

  2. Sounds like you’re on the verge of a discovery. You’re right on the brink, but unable to attain the discovery because there’s yet something you need to learn or earn. Just a thought.

    I used to analyze my friends’ dreams and was usually successful in helping them come to terms with what their sub/unconsciouses were trying to tell them.

    We should talk more. 😉

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