It was a good weekend.  Friday we had a lovely Shabbas dinner with my mom and a couple of friends, followed by drunkenly reading Mark Twain aloud and watching Strongbad emails.

Slept in Saturday, hung out with my mom some more, then napped with avivahg in the afternoon.  In the evening we drove up to Lancaster to see Over the Rhine, about which I am unable to write because there are no words.  It was cool to see three people I knew in Lancaster.

Sunday we wnt out for delicious Indian buffet, and then checked out BJ’s (it’s like Sam’s Club), to which we recently acquired a membership.  Then home and taxes and Law&Order.

Tonight the kids come home, and tomorrow my dad comes to stay with us for awhile, having returned from India.

The only dream I remember from last night is one that involved a pair of nymphettes who’s sole concern was sexual gratification.  I don’t think Jung would have read much into that, other than the fact that I’m male and horny.

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  1. can I borrow that dream for a little bit? ;>)

    1. Oh, like you of all people would need to borrow that dream. đŸ˜›

  2. yay, you got to see OtR!!! i hope you thought of me at least once… especially if they sang “all i need is everything”…


    1. I thought of you frequently… and yes, they played that one. And “Faithfully Dangerous”, and “Ohio”, and “Latter Days”, and “Cruel and Pretty”, and “Suitcase”, and… *sigh*

      1. *heavy sigh*

        wow, lots of my favorites. unfortunately (imho) they always come to my town around christmas so i feel i don’t get the same variety of non-xmas songs…

        ah well.

        i have this great pair of pants that i wrote quotes all over, and one of them is “all i need is everything / feel the slip & the grip of grace again”. it’s kind of a theme song of sorts…

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