Could someone please explain to me…

…why the hell congress is so concerned about baseball players taking steroids?

Did baseball become the fourth branch of the US government while I wasn’t looking, or something?

Who gives a shit?  And more specifically, why does congress give a shit?

And is anyone else bothered by the fact that they are justifying this inquisition with the statement: “under the rules of the House, ‘the Committee on Government Reform may at any time conduct investigations of any matter.’ “?!

That’s a handy rule.  I wonder if the Committee holds after-hours investigations of the DC sex industry?  Or team deathmatch investigations of violence in video games?

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  1. Congress doesn’t shit. There was a law passed a while ago that attempted to squeeze any possible bit of intelligence out of our government. The results were fecal matter… proving beyond a doubt that all politicians are full of shit.

  2. They have too much time on their hands, that’s what!

  3. You know…

    I couldn’t give a shit either.. in fact.. I think it’s just a big distraction of theirs to keep us from hearing about more important matters…

    in any case… I seem to remember that for some insane reason the gov’t seems to care about baseball–because its some kind of “legally sanctioned monopoly” blah blah blah… but I’m not sure here at all….

    but is this really that much different from Congress caring about people swearing on hbo or comedy central???? I mean, jesus h. fucking christ with a corncobb…, congress should be so up in arms about what people are saying on shows on pay tv channels???? it’s just a word.. what the hell…..

    1. Re: You know…

      I think they must be bored or something.

      Maybe we should give them something to do?

      1. Re: You know…

        oh, man that is one awesome effort…

  4. My sentiments exactly.

    I think somewhere along the way, congress decided that they were the protectors of America’s official national game.

    I guess there is a price to pay for being americas favorite pastime….

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