It’s my Friday off today. Slept in too late. Had a nice walk at William H. Kain park. The air was heavily and sweetly perfumed everywhere I went. Did my meditation on the middle of the dam, looking out over the lake.

Went to my first chiropracter appointment today. I don’t have anything really wrong with me, but I was complaining about the thing that goes “click” when I walk, and avivahg offered to set me up with her chiropracter. It was an interesting experience. The guy looks like Jude Law, and has a fascinatingly eclectic CD collection. After poking, prodding, contorting, and shooting X-rays at my crotch, he pronounced my spine to be “interesting” and “curious”. He says he’ll tell me what that means at our next appointment.

Bought dinner (salmon steaks) and came home. Napped with avivahg. Very pleasant, except for the interruptions. Slept too long again. Dammit!

There’s a cat sitting on my butt.

So anyway, woke up and discovered I’d badly dissapointed a friend. Can’t be fixed at this point, unfortunately.

Right now, I’m contemplating whether to go out to Ascension tonight. I don’t really NEED to, but it might be nice to see some people. Socialization or laziness, which will prevail?

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