There is too much pain and anguish here to single out one or two quotes. A Palestinian woman burned in a kitchen fire and treated at in Isreali hospital, returns as a suicide bomber. A culture which tells her that as a scarred, deformed woman she has no value except as a martyr. A family that will likely have no pity for her – only because she failed to die. Another woman who’s aspiration as a suicide bomber was to be chief among the 72 virgins promised to a male martyr. Another who takes refuge in the knowledge that she was only the accessory to murder, and not the agent. A father who withdrew from the world in disbelief and grief after his daughter blew herself up. A journalist who lost a son to the violence, interviewing these and others to try and understand why.

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  1. another ugh…

    you know… it is times like this that make me appreciate how wonderful it is to live in a culture that has at least progressed to the state that it recognizes that every human has equal dignity and worth–at least in principle–if not entirely in practice…..

    In cultures where this is not the case–and in little retrograde parts of our culture that want to turn back the clock–you get this kind of stuff… and it is sick…

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