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So I’ve been using the facilities of my web host rather more than in the past, and I’ve been bumping up against it’s limitations. I originally went with them because they advertised themselves as catering to the discerning geek, with all kinds of goodies that ordinary web hosts don’t have. Unfortunately, it seems like for every feature they offer, there’s something which makes it not quite good enough. A lot of their pre-installed software is too old, like the ancient SpamAssassin. They have Ruby, but it’s 1.6 and there’s no FastCGI support. They’ve been going down a lot lately. And they’ve always been slow.

So… anybody know of a high quality, reasonably priced web host for nerds? I need, at the least, a full shell account with SSH access, IMAP mail, ability to compile and run anything I want, up-to-date C and C++ compilers and libraries, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP along with all the popular libraries pre-installed; crontab access (including @reboot support); PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite; all the usual C libraries; various XML libraries; recent ImageMagick; and WebDAV support. Some lesser known languages would also be nice, like O’Caml, Lisp, SmallTalk, Eiffel, or Haskell. Java support would be really nice. So would CVS or other version-control systems.

Any ideas?

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  1. is setting up your own webserver at home an impossibility? are you getting enough webtraffic that you’d have to upgrade your home connection? and if so, would that upgrade be more than the cost of a webhost?
    and lemme know if you get into Lisp at all. i’ve been lightly toying around with it and it’s good to have a comrade when picking up new languages.

  2. I can likely hook you up with root@your_own_box.
    Then you can install anything you want.

    Lemme know if you want to talk about specifics.


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