PETA would call it just deserts…

So I’m a level 1 Yeoman, and I’m the proud owner of a tame unicorn (I know, lucky, right?). I’m low on HP, and I’m being chased by a troll and a jackal. I’m riding the unicorn, so I give it a kick to encourage it to run faster. Naturally, the unicorn throws me off, and I hit the ground and die.

I may die constantly in Slash’EM, but at least I never die the same way twice.

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  1. Everyone knows

    That to make a Unicorn go faster you have to blow its horn…

    1. Re: Everyone knows

      …somehow I don’t think PETA would approve of that, either…

  2. Is there a way to make it not pop up the inventory screen every time I gain or lose an item?

    1. It’s probably in the options somewhere…

      Which version are you using? Windows? UNIX? And which interface?

      1. I’m trying the GTK version in Windows.

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