I finally got to see Team America: World Police last night at shadowandlight‘s place, which was fun. Although I find it ironic that the filthiest sex scene I have ever watched was performed by puppets in a major motion picture – and I’ve watched a lot of porn. Movies like that are useful as a litmus test for people, I think. If you watch that movie, and laughs your ass off, or even if you think it was just kind of dumb and gross, you’re more or less well-balanced. But if you think it’s horribly offensive and a symbol of all that is wrong with society, then you’re way too far out on either the left or right wing, and you need to chill the hell out. Conservatives, of course, are scandalized by the sexual themes and the mockery of American values; but I remember reading an amusing review by a liberal who couldn’t quite bring herself to believe that these otherwise brilliant satirists were actually *gasp* poking fun at celebrity activists in Hollywood. Everybody’s got their sacred cows.

One thing I noticed about it though: for all it’s generalized offensiveness, unlike South Park it never mocked religion. I guess some cows are a little too sacred.

Also watched some episodes of Sealab 2021, which is the shinola.

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  1. I thought it fair and balanced, and politically – i liked it for attacking both sides fairly equally.

    However, Southpark style humor is only moderately humorous to me. *shurg*

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