I disgust myself

I hate having a dick.

I hate the weakness. I hate having my mind overwhelmed by need. I hate the fool that it makes of me. I hate the stereotype it fulfills. I hate the shallowness of it. I hate the betrayal of body against mind. I hate that I can be angry and hurt and still be tripped up and overcome by lust. I hate the way my body responds no matter where my mind is at. It’s the ring in the nose of a pig. It’s Pavlovian. It shames me.

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  1. this is a human trait, not just a male trait.

  2. Hmm, had a similar experience last night myself, but I managed to say “nope I’m a nice girl” and get out of there. I don’t think having a dick is a requirement for those feelings.

    That icon up there is funny.

  3. yeah, just wait….
    about the time you are done praying for control over your dick, and the lust that seems to control you, it will decide to quit responding when you want it to.

    can’t win either way….

  4. Welcome to being male….

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